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We know the value of every unused stuff in your home and help to get a value for all unused stuff and buy a new product with more savings.

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  • How It Works

    It’s very easy to sell your old stuff with just few simple steps and few taps from your Puraana Apps
    • Identifikasi Barang

      01. Identify

      Select the unused items that you want to sell.
    • Tambahkan Item

      02. Add

      Add items in Pickup bag in Puraana App.
    • Jadwal Pengambilan Barang

      03. Schedule

      Select the unused items that you want to sell.
    • P-Money and P-Coupons

      04. Receive

      Get credited with P-MONEY & P-Coupons on the spot after successful pickup.
    • Redeem

      05. Shop / Redeem

      Shop or Redeem at our Online & Offline partners for your regular shopping.
    • Pay and Save

      06. Pay & Save

      Pay up to 50% of your bill from P-Money and save more.

    P-Money & P-Coupons

    Make P-Money & P-Coupons from unused items

    Unused or under utilized products are no longer a dead products for you at home. Just decide what you want to sell from your unused products and Puraana will pickup from your doorstep and credit with predefined value in the form of P-money & P-Coupons.

    All this process is done in few simple steps without any huggle, no photos clicks or uploads, no calls or message from strangers, no waiting for people to buy your products,no bargaining, and most importantly on the spot credit after successful pickup.
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    Start Shopping With P-Money & P-Coupons With More Savings

    P-money can be used for your regular shopping at our Online & Offline partner stores and can pay up to 50% of your bill using P-money and remaining amount through cash/card. Also we offer exclusive discounts thus you can have more savings.

    P-coupons are provided with exclusive discount and promotions run with our Online & Offline partners and can be redeemed as per your requirements to get more discount and offers.
    Screenshot Puraana App

    Benefit & Feature

    • Panggilan dan Pesan
      No Calls or Messages to / from strangers = Save More Time
    • Identitas
      No sharing of details / meeting strangers. No photo clicks / uploads / marketing to sell your products
    • Jual Instan
      No waiting or bargaining, sell instantly and get credited on the spot after successful pickup
    • Hemat Uang Dengan P-Money
      More savings in your pocket with P-Money plus with more discount at our Partner stores
    • Nilai Barang
      More smiles, convert your unused / dead product into a value and use it for your needs
    • Jadwal Waktu Pengambilan Barang
      Schedule your own pickup Time & Date with free pickup at your doorstep

    Our Partners

    Below listed are some of our partner stores and we ill be adding many partners day by day to give you more shopping options and savings.

    Online Partners

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    • Shortir logo
    • Sticar Logo
    • Homyped Logo

    Offline Partners

    • Homyped Logo

    Our Team

    • Johan Rimba

      Johan Rimba

      Co-Founder & CEO

    • Rakesh Akkineni

      Rakesh Akkineni

      Co-Founder & COO / CBO

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