P-Money & P-Coupon For A Better Life

11 Nov 2017

P-Money & P-Coupon –  You have just come home from work, After going through a whole day and a long way, you are finally home. You get off from your vehicle, open the door, and turn on the lamp of your living room.

You wish to arrive at home with feelings of you getting relaxed and peaceful. Unfortunately, every time you are back at home from a rough day, all you get is a room that is very monotonous, crowded, and unorganized. This thing increasingly disturbs the calm feeling that you always crave.

Then you ask yourself, what is the cause of how full your house is? What makes you so uncomfortable when you get home? Despite the fact that your home should be the last destination that is so calming and fun.

You look around your house that night. You hope to find something you can change so that the next day, when you come home from work, there is at least a sense of peace and relief.

Until finally you find the problem of why your house looks so fully packed. It seems that you have piled up too many unused items in your house.

Being aware of such circumstance, on the next day you immediately sort the unused things at your house through Puraana app, arrange a schedule to meet the courier, and prepare for a tidier and calmer life

With Puraana, you will get a neater house and a more spacious room, so you do not have to experience such bad things above again.

Puraana makes it easy for you to exchange your unused goods. Every time you trade your secondhand goods, you will get digital money and digital coupons from Puraana, which are P-Money & P-Coupon. Not only you will get a neat house that you desire, but also new stuff for cheaper price with P-Money & P-Coupon.

In this article let’s see how P-Money & P-Coupon provides you ease and convenience in having any shopping transaction:

What is P-Money?

P-Money is the digital money that you will receive after you exchange your unused items on Puraana. You can use P-Money to shop at selected merchants both online (on website) and offline (at the store).

How does P-Money work?

Redeem your unused goods on Puraana app and get P-Money. With P-Money, you can Pay up to 50% of your Total Bill amount using P-Money and the remaining amount with your card or cash.

How to Use P-Money:

  • Visit online merchants that are available on Puraana app, then proceed on checkout process
  • Click PAY with P-Money, then login with your Puraana account
  • You will get a notification of the amount of P-Money you need to pay, then OTP will be sent via SMS to your number to confirm the payment
  • Once the process of payment confirmation is successful, you will be back on the page of online merchant to pay the remaining cost that needs to be done without P-Money

What is P-Coupon?

P-Coupon is a digital coupon that you will receive after you exchange your unused items at Puraana. Different to P-Money, P-Coupon contains discounts, promotions, and other interesting offers that you can redeem at online and offline merchants collaborated with Puraana.

How does P-Coupon work?

Redeem your unused goods on Puraana app, then you will get P-Coupon. Select an offering from the merchants on the app, and use P-Coupun to get it.

How to Use P-Coupon:

  • After you receive P-Coupon, you will also get P-Coupon on My Coupon feature on Puraana. Then you will get an email about the details of the coupon.
  • In the E-mail, if the coupon is only applicable for the online store, there will be a link to do the redeem. And, if the coupon is only applicable for offline stores, there will be a code in the e-mail.
  • For online stores, you only need to click the link, purchase the items that you want, and input coupon code on checkout or payment process to get the discount.
  • For offline stores, you only need to show the coupon codes to the cashier or the salesperson to get discount.

Advantages of Using P-Money & P-Coupon:

Puraana does not only give ‘value and worth’ to your unused goods, but also many other benefits through P-Money & P-Coupon. What are the advantages of using P-Money & P-Coupon?

  • Economical

Use P-Money to buy your all your needs. Then get special discounts that make your shopping transactions more economical, so that you can save more money.

  • Discounts & Promotions

Stay tuned for plenty of discounts and other exciting offers from Puraana’s online & offline merchants exclusively for Puraana users.

  • Replacing Your Old Stuff with the New Ones

You already exchanged your unused stuff on Puraana? Then use your P-Money or P-Coupon immediately to replace your old items with the new ones in a effective and practical way with the use of P-Money & P-Coupon.

Are you ready to start simpler life with P-Money & P-Coupon?

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