10 Tips To Make Your Home More Comfortable

03 Nov 2017

Here are some tips from Puraana to make your home more comfortable

Make Your Home More Comfier With Puraana

Ciptakan Rumah Nyaman Dengan Puraana

If home were a reflection of the owner, then would not it be better to pay attention to what we keep at home?

A comfortable home definitely gives contentment to the occupants. We can do several ways to create comfort at home. The following are tips to keep the home comfy and cozy:

  1. Clean up at least everyday

Floors that are dirty and dusty naturally will cause irritation, especially on the feet. It is recommended to have some time everyday dedicated to sweep and mop or clean up generally all rooms in the house.

  1. Separate organic waste from non-organic waste

If you’re used to having one garbage for all waste, this is the time to add at least one more to separate waste by its attribute, which are organic or non-organic. Not only to prevent unwanted smell, you could help reduce waste by separating waste that have the potential to be reused or recycled instead of ending up in the landfill.

  1. Clean the bathroom regularly

Aside from the main rooms, bathrooms should also be considered regarding its cleanliness. Despite the irony, bathrooms are one of the main places where germs and bacteria dwell.

  1. Wash the dishes and clothes right away

Dishes and dirty clothes that piled up definitely will disturb the home’s neatness. Besides looking messy, dishes and dirty clothes could also cause unflattering smell.

  1. Keep shoes outside the house

It is recommended to keep the shoe racks outside the home to prevent odour to enter the house. Clean the shoes regularly to prevent this as well.

  1. Return things to its places

Even the small things that are usually considered trivial, if not returned to where they’re kept will impact the tidiness of the house. Prevent this by always keep in mind to put things where they belong after being used.

  1. Always open the window first thing in the morning

Air circulation is important for the house. This is because usually the rooms inside the house are not exposed to sunrays and bad air circulation will definitely impact the occupants’ health.

  1. Mind your pets

We usually tend to let our pets to roam freely around the house. In order to keep the cleanliness of the house, we should also keep the pets’ cleanliness and mindful of the furs sticking to the furniture.

  1. Give responsibility to the occupants

In order to reduce the burden in keeping the house clean and comfortable, it is advised that each occupant in the house is given tasks according to their schedule and ability.

  1. Sell old or rarely used goods to Puraana

If stuff at home are cluttered, this is the time for you to sort several items in the house. Goods that are old or rarely used are often thrown away. Instead of throwing them away, you could sell those goods to Puraana. With Puraana, you could save more space at home for more comfort and save more money on buying new things to decorate your home.

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