Puraana: Solution for your unused goods

03 Nov 2017

Most of the time, we face difficulties in selling or giving out used goods at home. This could be caused by several factors like too much clutter of old goods, troublesome sorting, long hours of cleaning up, as well as memories attached to those goods.

These factors show why we tend to keep piling up stuff at home. Whereas piling up used stuff could decrease the comfiness of the home itself as well as taking up space which could be used for other purposes.

On the other hand, the high usage of plastic goods in Indonesia’s households, if not taken care properly, could lead to one of the environmental crisis factors. Indonesia itself has reached the second place in biggest plastic waste producer in the world after China.

Piling up used goods or throwing them away improperly are definitely not the best solutions to get rid of those goods. Therefore, Puraana is here to give back the value of used goods they deserve.

What is Puraana?

Puraana believes that every used good has its own value, even though they lose that value over time. Puraana is here to give a second chance to those used goods.

Puraana is a Fintech-Consumer Services –based application that reward its users with digital money and digital coupon (P-Money and P-Coupon) whenever they sell their used goods.

What are the benefits of using Puraana?

  1. No more waiting for possible buyers

Unlike selling and buying platforms, Puraana buys your used goods instantly. Sell your goods on Puraana’s application and then Puraana will take care of those goods for you.

  1. No more negotiating process

With Puraana, all of your used goods have value. All you have to do is to sort your used goods and instantly receive the benefits from Puraana without taking time and effort to negotiate prices.

  1. Free pick-up service

No need to waste more time because you can schedule the pick-up time from the application and Puraana’s courier will pick up your goods according to schedule without extra cost.

  1. Get P-Money and P-Coupon after you sold your used goods

After your used goods are picked up by the courier, you will instantly receive the reward in the form of digital money (P-Money) and digital coupon (P-Coupon) which can be used for your regular shopping on Puraana’s merchants.

  1. Save more with Puraana

Save more and spend less by using P-Money and P-Coupon that you receive after selling used goods to Puraana. Get exclusive offers by using transactions with P-Money and P-Coupon.

  1. Contribute to waste reduction in Indonesia

By using Puraana, you’re contributing to reduce Indonesia’s waste crisis by preventing more goods to be thrown away from home, whereas most of these waste could still be reused and recycled.

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